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Worldwide DNA testing services

Find out if you are at risk - get tested
DNA Caffeine Sensitivity Test 4 to 6 weeks
$149 USD

One of the Largest DNA Testing Facilities in North America

  • Genetrack performs specialized genetic tests for hospitals and physicians for the diagnosis of genetic disorders as well as identity, relationship, ancestry and forensic applications.
  • Genetrack is the premier laboratory for identity and relationship testing services and provides expert DNA reports for use in child support and custody, immigration, and birth certificates.
  • Genetrack's medical genetic branch provides molecular genetic testing services for a wide range of genetic diseases and conditions, including cystic fibrosis, jewish genetic diseases, hemochromatosis, and more. Genetrack also offers an extensive line of pharmacogenetic tests.
  • Genetrack's research and development department implements the latest testing technologies for the most accurate and comprehensive tests.
  • Genetrack's buccal swab collection kits are safe and simple to use, even on infants.
  • Genetrack has over 1,000 chain-of-custody specimen collection sites around the world.
  • Genetrack provides DNA testing services to hospitals and medical clinics throughout North America.
  • Every year, Genetrack helps to solve hundreds of immigration cases using DNA as evidence of relationship.
  • Genetrack has worked with forensic samples from mass graves and unsolved forensic casework, and provides expert legal testimony for high profile legal casework.
  • Genetrack's Genebase network has over 2 million active participants.
  • Genetrack provides DNA testing services worldwide.
  • Genetrack's DNA testing laboratory is highly automated with a world class LIMs system for specimen tracking and processing.
  • All Genetrack tests are overseen by PhD level scientists.