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Mission, Vision, and Values

Expanding the boundaries of DNA technology

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Genetrack is committed to providing the most complete, most advanced, and most comprehensive DNA testing services in the industry.

Our Mission

Genetrack's mission is to provide the newest and most powerful DNA tests to our clients. Genetrack is committed to expanding the boundaries of DNA technology through research, development and innovation.

Our Vision

To be a world class molecular diagnostic laboratory which provides clients with the latest source of advanced genetic technologies using the most comprehensive panel of molecular genetic tests, and becoming the diagnostic laboratory of choice for hospitals, law firms and consumers worldwide.

Our Values


To be the most advanced DNA diagnostic laboratory in the industry.


To ensure that all tests are conducted using the strictest standards for quality control.


DNA testing is a rapidly evolving field with newer and more advanced diagnostic services available at an increasingly rapid rate. We provide continuing education to physicians and health care professionals regarding the latest developments in the industry.


Our research and development team continuously develops new tests and assays as new scientific developments and discoveries are made.


To meet and exceed client expectations for each test that we perform.

Operational Efficiency

Our DNA testing laboratory is automated and computerized. All samples are processed through a barcode system, and most steps in the testing process are performed using robotics to ensure highest level of precision and accuracy.