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State-of-the-art DNA testing

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Advanced Laboratory Technology

Genetrack's diagnostic laboratory provides DNA-based testing. Mutation detection methods used in the laboratory include automated capillary gel-based fluorescent fragment analysis, sequencing, and real-time quantitative PCR. The laboratory currently provides a menu of over 100 DNA tests for identity, forensics and ancestry, with ongoing development of new tests and implementation of improved testing methodologies. Genetrack performs 100 percent of all tests on-site, operating 24 hours per day, seven days a week.


Genetrack's state-of-the-art DNA testing laboratory is equipped with advanced instrumentation and automated systems used in specimen receiving, tracking, processing, analysis and interpretation. Test results are also rapidly delivered to clients through customized secure delivery systems.

Most of the key steps on the testing process are handled by automated laboratory robotics, virtually eliminating the possibility of human error and vastly improving test reproducibility, accuracy, precision and reliability.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMs)

Genetrack uses a computerized laboratory management system called LIMS. This system increases accuracy and improves turnaround time during processing. All samples are uniquely barcode labeled and the barcoding system ensures unprecedented sampling accuracy.

Research & Development

Genetrack's Research and Development department is responsible for developing new tests and assays based on the latest scientific discoveries. Supported in part by SRED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) of the Canadian Federal Government, Genetrack routinely produces the latest testing panels to ensure the most comprehensive genetic tests available in the market. New technologies range from genetic disease markers, newly discovered ancestry markers, and specialized forensic markers and isolation methods for forensic specimens. Since its inception, this department has developed dozens of new assays each year.

Molecular Clinical Genetics

Genetrack provides a comprehensive test menu to assist physicians in the diagnosis of patients with genetic disorders. The menu includes tests for inherited diseases, carrier screening, newborn screening, predisposition assessment, pharmacogenomics, and sequencing.

Some of the genetic tests performed include fragile X syndrome; cystic fibrosis mutation panel; Huntington disease; hemochromatosis mutation detection (C282Y, H63D, and S65C); Ashkenazi Jewish disorders; and factor V Leiden.

Worldwide Experience

Genetrack is an international DNA laboratory. With more than 1,000 collection sites world-wide, Genetrack has handled casework from every country in the world.